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Above Ground Pools

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Above Ground Pool Design

Above ground pools continue to be a popular choice over other pool options. Why? Mainly because they are less expensive than in-ground pools, but also because they are easy to install and create a great place to relax.

Affordable Designs

An above-ground pool is undeniably the least-expensive option and takes less than a few weeks to install, which is why it is a popular choice. These pools are portable and easy to disassemble at the end of any swim season. This is an enticing factor for renters or people who would like to take their pool with them when they move.

Enjoyment Factor

In addition to being cost-efficient, they are relaxation friendly. Homeowners can turn their backyard into a serene place to escape. The concept of maximizing the enjoyment factor in a backyard has been welcomed by many people especially when they know it will induce relaxation!

Pool Safety

Above ground pools are also appealing because of their safety factors. It is a safer option for children and pet owners because it is harder to wander into a pool that is above the ground.

Custom Designs options offer variations in size, style, and depth.

  • Round Option – A round option is a good choice when the backyard space is limited.
  • Oval Option – An oval option is a desirable option when you have to build around other factors of the house such as trees, fences, etc.
  • Rectangle Option – A rectangle option is ideal for people who have more space and want to get a little more creative with the design.

Individuals who choose an above ground pool still have the opportunity to create a one of a kind look by adding different aesthetic features. You can add a custom deck or railing, patio, bar or cookout area. Or maybe you want to add custom lighting to the walkway to the pool or multi-color lights in the pool? How about a walkway to the pool? It is all about getting creative with the limited space given. Choosing this type of pool means choosing a durable, easy to install, cost saving pool, but it does not mean you have to give up the opportunity to have a unique pool setup!

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