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Custom Backyard and Landscaping Design

Let’s be honest, choosing not to landscape a backyard with a custom pool can ruin the pools aesthetics. What you design around a pool is just as important as the pool itself. Whether you add flowers, trees, lighting or fencing. All of these options are essential features to adding ambiance to the pool and backyard, and a quality landscape makes all the difference!

It is vital to decide the best blend of form and function before landscaping begins. If entertaining is important to you then including an area for al fresco dining or an outdoor kitchen may be an option to consider. Other options could be adding a backyard bar, an outdoor living area, a fire pit or a designated area for games such as corn hole. In addition to entertainment, components to consider are foliage, lighting, fencing, boulders, and shade structures.


Adding plants is a beautiful choice for a pool’s landscape, but it is imperative to choose plants that do not shed leaves, seeds or other debris that could fall into your pool. Also, try to stay away from fruit trees because those attract extra bugs.

Backyard Lighting

Lighting can add elegance and safety to any pool landscape. A combination of path lights, tree lights, spotlights, and patio lights ignite beautiful contrasts to a pool and pool area. It also adds a safety feature with that extra glow.

Custom Fencing

Including a fence on the property can create privacy and safety for children. The type of fence is based off design preference. Options to consider are aluminum, wood, and PVC, which can be molded into a variety of styles.


Before adding a boulder, the pool’s design should be considered. Boulders will appear out of place if you want a more natural look for the pool. The are best used in groups around the pool and amongst lavish landscaping.


Including a gazebo, pool house, pergolas and guest cabanas are an attractive option and give family and friends a place to relax when they’re not in the pool.

Landscaping provides you with the ability to create any environment. You have the option to create a backyard that may be used for entertainment purposes or relaxation; or maybe just a place to have a pretty backdrop for pictures. The options are boundless. Customizing your landscape is a fun experience, a place where you get to showcase your personal taste. Start creating your dream paradise today!

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