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Beach Entry Pools

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Custom Beach Entry Pool Design

A beach entry pool also referred to as a zero entry pool or “walk-in” pool, is one of the more popular options to replace the top steps into a pool. The general idea is to create the outward appearance of a beach. The pool will always have at least one side that gradually descends into the water; this does not necessarily mean there are no steps involved in this type of design. Some beach entries slope gradually before a few underwater steps appear allowing one to descend into the deeper water quickly. The depth of the zero entry starts at “zero” and slowly becomes a depth of one foot.

Beach entry designs give people a pleasant place to relax and are the perfect choice if you have ample space to your house and love enjoying the water on hot summer days. The entry has shallow, warm water at the entry, which allows for a great spot to sunbathe without being completely submerged in water. There is something very tranquil about laying out in the water under the sun.

These type of pools are also children, elderly, animal, and people with physical disabilities friendly. They give people the opportunity to enter the pool more freely with ease. If a pet enjoys playing in the pool, a beach entry can be safer for the pet, which pose the threat of falling in or drowning. Instead of climbing down a ladder or many steps, they have a gradual transition into water.

Benefits of Beach Entry Pools:

  • Accessibility for individuals with physical limitations
  • Children friendly in the shallow entry
  • Sunbathing area
  • Animals who love playing in the water
  • Natural beach looking design

When constructing this type of pool, there are many options. Many zero entry pools incorporate sand colored tiles or cement, real sand, waterfalls, or other natural designs to make one feel miles away. Others follow an entirely different theme that does not involve a beach look. That is the beauty of custom pools, the aesthetics of a pool are endless.

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