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Exercise Pools Design

Have you ever heard of a place where you can exercise and relax? Is there such a thing? The answer is yes. Most people wouldn’t believe this answer until they hear about exercise swimming pools. In a water vessel, such as an exercise pool, the body is in an environment where it is mainly buoyant; this creates the ability to perform stationary exercises in a reasonably relaxed state. The resistance and buoyancy of the water drastically reduce the risk of unnecessary injuries and the muscles you want to target aren’t as dependent on other body muscles for balance and positioning. Hence, creating a more relaxing environment on the body!

What is an exercise pool?

Exercise pools are essentially water treadmills that generate a constant stream of water that one can swim or run against. A current can be created and can easily be adjusted to anyone’s swimming abilities. These type of pools are ideal for people who enjoy exercising in water as much as the enjoy swimming in it.


Exercise pools can be built to any size. Whether you want a small swim spa or a larger pool that allows you to swim, but also contains jets specifically for exercise, these pools can be designed to match anyone’s needs. Other options to consider when designing your pool is how deep you want the pool. What type of steps do you want to be added? Do you want benches? What color walls do you want? Do you want an indoor or outdoor pool? Customizing a pool is an art on its own, the options are endless.

Benefits of Exercise Pools:

  • Cardio and strength training capabilities.
  • The ability to swim at different intensities that will not wear and tear the body.
  • Strengthens the lungs. Swimming under water your oxygen intake is at an all-time high. Eventually, your body will adapt and begin using oxygen more efficiently.
  • Swimming helps with stress release.
  • Physical therapy

To conclude, exercise pools are a great option for people who want a low -stress environment for their body. They are a great source for exercise since water provides resistance on the body without the drawbacks of other to of water resistant exercises. These custom pools are created to meet anyone’s unique needs.

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