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Indoor Pools

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Indoor Pool Design

There are very few features at a house that are as luxurious as an indoor swimming pool. Indoor pools have become quite popular in the recent years because of the recreational and health values. Having an indoor pool adds an ambiance that is hard to compete with. It offers an indulgence of year-round enjoyment and privacy and gives people an opportunity to create a custom interior space for exercise, relaxation, entertainment, or all three.

A pool in the private life of a home is something many people can only dream about. An indoor pool can get pricey because most of the time the design of an indoor pool requires an addition to the home. It is worth the price because of the aesthetics the pool will add to the home. These type of pools can are used in basements, on the first floor or a rooftop.

Creating an indoor swimming pool is pretty straightforward; the pool is constructed under a roof, inside, and insulated by at least three walls. Indoor pools are commonly geometric in shape and are built for the purpose of being able to swim all year round, especially in cold climates. However, for a unique look oval/circular shapes, or even squares can be constructed.

Choosing how one decorates the pool is where the beauty lies. Tile is widely used with these type of pools-glass mosaic, porcelain mosaic, and ceramic- these materials will give the pool a beautiful and unusual look. Underwater lighting also has a tremendous impact on the character and mood of the pool. Maybe you want a waterfall or to paint the pool more than one color. The options are endless and recreational pools give the designer the freedom to experiment and apply the exact style they want.

Great Perks and Benefits of Having an Indoor Swimming Pool

  • The cost for indoor heating is lower than outdoor heating. This is because the pool room is insulated and less likely to have heat escape, as it would outside.
  • Being able to swim year round. Swimming is a great way to strength train and is easy on the body.
  • Indoor pools are easier to clean. There is less debris than outside pools and do not need to winterized.
  • An indoor swimming pool is a great way to enrich the usability of indoor space. By having an indoor pool, taking a dip can become as convenient as taking a bath.


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