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Infinity Pools

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Infinity Pool Design

The attention-grabbing design of an infinity pool is mesmerizing. The stunning infinity edge pool(also called negative edge, zero edge, disappearing edge) is a swimming pool which gives the appearance of water vanishing or extending into the horizon. Thus the name”infinity” was created. The pool design has water flowing over one or more edges, creating a visual effect of a no water boundary.

An infinity pool has to be built on a sloped ground because the level of the water along the sides of the pool will need to flow over the edges into a secondary basin (weir). From there the water is gathered and pumped back into the main pool. The design of these pools are commonly installed overlooking another body of water(lake, sea, etc.) making the pool appear to extend infinitely. They are often found at resorts, estates or other luxurious places.

In landscapes where there is a great deal of green space, an infinity pool can be designed so that it looks like the water is blending in with the sky or the horizon. If the landscape has another body of water or even a canal, then the pool can be constructed so that both bodies of waters appear to blend with one another.

Infinity pools are all custom-built. The pools disappearing edge requires a complex structural and mechanical design. These type of pools are logistically more complicated than other pools because they are being installed on a hillside or slope. The overflowings edges of water that would usually have the ground supporting them now have to have a wall structure built similar to that of a dam.

This type of pool needs two circulation systems, while a standard pool normally only uses one. The primary circulation system for an infinity pool works to pump water in the main pool through filters and back into the main pool, the same way a standard pool does. The second circulation system helps bring back water from the secondary basis and pump it back into the main pool.

The results of these custom pool designs can be remarkable. Instead of swimming in a pool that has noticeable edges, the swimmer can have the illusion of swimming in a pool that has no end. The effect can be truly incredible and relaxing. These type of pools are great works of art.

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