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Plunge Pools

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Custom Plunge Pool Design

A plunge pool is a small, shallow pool built for lounging around purposes instead of swimming and exercising. It has smaller dimensions than a traditional pool and is easier to maintain. Plunge pools are used for either cold or warm water purposes and are commonly found in commercial and residential locations.

Plunge Pool Designs

Pools do not have to be huge to have a powerful impact on their design. With the right elements plunge pools can be just as visually pleasing as traditionally sized pools. Some ideas for design may include:

  • Constructing a nontraditional pool shape
  • Incorporating a boundary fence
  • Having one side of the pool straight, while the other side(s) curve
  • Adding a waterfall
  • Creating an infinity edge
  • Adding jets

The plunge pool design is limitless and can add just as much ambiance to a backyard as a large pool could. Although plunge pools are not meant for swimming laps, jets can be added to the pool to create resistance in the water for swimming.


Along with being smaller, these pools are easier to maintain. Plunge pools require less water and are more energy-efficient than larger ones. This pool is a popular choice for people who want the benefits of a backyard pool without the upkeep of a large one.

Hot or Cold Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are often found in residential homes, exercise centers, or day spas because of the benefits they offer through heated and unheated water. The hydrotherapy they offer differ based on the temperature being used.

COLD water temperatures are commonly used for therapeutic purposes. These pools are kept around 50 to 55 degrees and are designed to stimulate multiple parts of the body. A quick dip into these cold temperatures after leaving a hot sauna or finishing a heavy workout can stimulate circulation. Also, the nerves in the brain and body receive a positive therapeutic effect on the entire body. Other benefits to cold water treatment include: alleviating joint pain, reducing muscle inflammation and restoring the immune system.

Soaking in a warm spa and soaking in a warm plunge pool have the same health benefits. WARM water treats sore limbs and joints, reduces pain, alleviates swelling, and helps facilitate muscle recovery. Adding jets increases the relaxation factor for this type of pool, as well.

In conclusion, plunge pools have many benefits and creating a custom design leaves for a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. A plunge pool is a great option for someone who wants the perks of a pool but does not want the cost or maintenance of a large pool.

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