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Custom Pool Decks

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Custom Pool Desk Design

In this day and age, exterior design is given almost as much attention as interior design. Designing a custom pool deck is just as important the actual pool design. For years wood decks were the trend, and concrete decks were considered cold and dull, but as time has progressed industrial style concrete has been a new favorite. Concrete decks have now taken center-stage over wood.

Desk Designs

Concrete decks offer a safe, slip-resistant deck for lounging around on. These particular decks can be colored or textured and made for an attractive surrounding pool area. Some options to consider are stone, brick tile patterns, concrete, or wood. Custom decks are constructed to help compliment the exterior of a home.

Brick and Tile

Brick and ceramic tile have been used for years on pool deck surfaces. Tile is a popular choice because of the longevity of the material and the finished appearance it creates. Brick is also a common trend because of the durability. It is often used along borders of a pool or deck.

Rock Salt Finished Concrete

A rock-salt finish is created by pressing grains of rock salt into freshly placed concrete and then washing them away. The result is a stunning, speckled pattern that resembles the appearance of a weathered rock. It is an easy method for adding design to a plain or colored concrete pool deck.

Concrete Paver

Concrete pavers come in an assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes, which allow you to create a deck that compliments the shape and style of your pool. They can provide a look of natural stone or brick and are another great option because of their durability and slip- resistant features.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is concrete colored by stains or when dry-shake color hardens. Stamped concrete looks similar to real stone(natural slate, flagstone, brick, etc.), but is easier to maintain than stone.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposing the aggregate in concrete creates a pebble-like finish and constructs a highly slip resistant surface. It is an attractive choice because of the different contrast exposed concrete, and smooth concrete creates when placed beside each other.

Stenciled Concrete

Stenciled concrete is a great alternative to decorative stamping. Instead of using rubber stamps, stenciling uses disposable paper stencils to imprint on fresh concrete. Stencils for concrete come in an array of patterns ranging from brick and stone to slate and tile.

Custom Wood Decks

Wood decks are not standard for in-ground pools but, creating a look similar to wood is. Stamping and coloring the concrete can give the illusion of wood planking. Using real wood to build a deck is commonly seen with above ground pools. Instead of having to use a ladder to get in and out of a pool a deck can be constructed around the pool.

Regardless of which type of deck chosen the new development will add nothing but beauty. Creating a custom deck allows homeowners the opportunity to design something that complements their individual home. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your custom deck now!

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