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Spool Pool Design

What is a Spool?

Many people believe a pool is out of the question due to lack of proper space. A spool or “cocktail pool” is the perfect solution to this problem. The term “spool” is a combination of the words pool and spa, which essentially means small pool. Consider it a hybrid pool. This type of swimming pool was created as a solution for a place limited in space. They are typically found in smaller, restrained backyard lots and are ideal for anyone looking to relax.

Spools are much smaller than an in-ground pool, but at least twice the length of the average spa. They are built deep enough to cool off during the warm summer months, but small enough to be turned into a spa during the colder months.

Is it Right For Me?

Whether you want to do water aerobics in the pool or lounge in the spa, a spool is flexible in changing temperatures. A spool may not be long enough to swim laps, but you can still swim in place. The powerful jets that come installed in this pool create a feeling of swimming against a current. In addition to swimming, it is plenty big for floating or children splashing around. Along with the pool features, the spa features are just as enjoyable. Soaking muscles or relieving stress in the warm water create a rejuvenating and relaxing environment. As previously mentioned the spool comes furnished with powerful jets, which give you the opportunity to target those pestering sore muscles.

Spool Sizes

If size isn’t a deciding factor then maybe the cost will be. A spool is smaller in size, therefore does not require as much money to install and the maintenance of this type of pool is easier, resulting in higher savings.

Spools are the Perfect Fit for People:

  1. With smaller lots that may be cluttered with other elements such as, decks, gardens or fences
  2. Who want to be able to enjoy both a spa and pool
  3. That would like something low maintenance
  4. Who would like a nice water- feature addition to their backyard

Because these type of pools are smaller than traditional pools, there isn’t as much room to be creative in design. However, adding a few extra features such as more jets, fountains, built in table or bar can add some prominent detail! What are you waiting for? Start enjoying a spool today!

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